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VPNW 2018

Virtual Private Network Workshop June 8, 2018
Virtual private networks for critical infrastructure

A three-day event will gather representatives from industry, government, and academia to discuss the role that the future VPN architecture can play in support of these critical network environments, as well as future content delivery over critical mobile networks (e.g., emergency networks).

Given the increasing deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, and Artificial intelligence (AI) in critical network environments, driven by their functionality and potential for a strong economic growth across different segments, this workshop will examine role of VPN in critical infrastructure networks. The first day of the workshop is focused on IoT and will feature keynotes by invited speakers as well as presentations and panels. It will explore how VPN addresses some of the key challenges in security, multi-party communication models, stack and application complexity, efficient resource utilization, and scalability faced by emerging IoT applications.

The second day will have a similar format focused on the themes of Big Data and Artificial intelligence (AI). Future VPN architectures based on the software defined networking (SDN) paradigm propose to address ongoing challenges in supporting modern applications, especially in critical network environments, an area that has a growing community of interest both from private and government sector.

On the third day a special session will be held to discuss developments in the use of applications (apps) installed on smartphones and other devices to contact emergency services. Topics addressed in this session:

We'll also discuss the best-in-class emerging mobile VPN technologies:

The workshop agenda will be updated with the complete list of speakers and presentations.

Call for posters/demos: We are soliciting both technical demonstrations and posters that fit within the general theme of the workshop. They can either reflect on-going research progress, demonstrate working prototypes, or showcase realistic applications. Abstracts describing the demos and posters will be distributed with the workshop program. If interested please send an abstract describing your demo/poster and specify if any special arrangements are needed for your demo (connectivity, equipment, space, etc).

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